What If You Paid For Everything In Cash?…

Common sense tells us that it’s cheaper to pay in cash than with credit cards and loans. But just how much cheaper is a cash payment? Here are some interesting facts to get you thinking about using cash whenever possible with some helpful tips thrown in about credit calculators and some fun cash trivia.

Scary Lies And Unfortunate Truths About Your Money & Investments

In this economy, the rules about how to handle your money & funds have changed. It used to be thought that investing in stocks and other types of investments and then sitting on them was the way to go. However, investing your money & funds that way can actually lead to financial disaster.

Ponzi Scheme Warning Signs You Should Look For

In a tough economy, more and more people are falling prey to Ponzi schemes in hopes of making easy money. Most don’t understand that the “easy money” they are going after is indeed a faulty scheme and they are the innocent victim. They fail to see the warning signs of a Ponzi scheme.

Ways That Parents Are Cutting Childcare Costs

As the economy worsens and parents find themselves short on money, more and more families are pulling young children out of daycare in search of other options. Here are some things to consider.

What Are Barack Obama’s Plans For The Economy?

John McCain says Barack Obama will raise taxes for everyone. Barack Obama says John McCain will give the rich tax cuts while cutting needed services. McCain accuses Obama of giving government hand-outs. Obama accuses McCain of not being in touch. Aside from the accusations, where do the presidential nominees stand on the economy? Following is a summary of Barack Obama’s plans for the future, as well as his past actions to improve the economy.

Watch Out… They Are Out To Get Your Tax Rebate Check!

Marketers are seeing dollar signs, and they are pulling no punches with ideas on how you can spend your government stimulus check. Here’s what to watch for, so you don’t get taken by someone telling you how to spend your tax rebate check.