Get Ready For Next Year’s Taxes… NOW!

Now that Tax Season is over and you have (hopefully) completed your tax returns and put them behind you, here are some things you can do to make the next tax season even easier. Things to do WAY before April 15th…

What To Do When A Spouse Dies: How To Get A Handle On Your Finances

When your spouse dies, what in the world are you supposed to do next? How do you keep your head above water — financially — in addition to keeping it all together emotionally? Here are some tips for getting your financial things in order, so things will go more smoothly regarding money and paperwork after the loss of your spouse.

Watch Out… They Are Out To Get Your Tax Rebate Check!

Marketers are seeing dollar signs, and they are pulling no punches with ideas on how you can spend your government stimulus check. Here’s what to watch for, so you don’t get taken by someone telling you how to spend your tax rebate check.

Do I Have To Pay Quarterly Taxes?

Do I have to pay quarterly tax payments? Many people don’t realize they need to pay quarterly payments until it is too late and you are stuck with a tax penalty.This article discusses who owes quarterly tax payments, how much and when must you pay.

Marriage and Taxes – What You Need To Know

Getting married is a wonderful event. But after the celebrations are over, there are many decisions you will face as a married couple. This article lists a few of the tax decisions newlyweds will face in the beginning.