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Closing Credit Cards: How To Cancel A Credit Card Without Hurting Your Credit

If you’re thinking about closing a credit card account, it’s probably for one the following reasons:
  • You worry that possessing a credit card could tempt you into spending too much money.
  • You’re tired of the high interest rates or annual fees. (Tip: you could try to negotiate a lower rate first.)
  • You found a different credit card that gives you a better deal.
Closing a credit card won’t hurt your credit, as long as you do it the right way. So if you’re thinking about canceling a credit card, just make sure that you follow the 4 steps below. how-to-cancel-a-credit-card If you take a shortcut – like cutting up the credit card (so you cannot possibly use it anymore) or freezing the credit card (to keep yourself from being tempted to use it)  – you could end up hurting your credit.  

3 Ways Closing A Credit Card Affects Your Credit

Little-Known Facts About Secured Credit Cards

If you’ve been thinking about getting a secured credit card you’ll want to know some basic info about getting a secured credit card and how they’re different from an unsecured credit card. If you need to improve your credit score which is the best option for you? Wondering if you should cancel your secured credit card? Have no fear… I’ve got the answers to your questions.


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Homeowner Tax Credits For Using Energy-Efficient Products

Even if you haven’t been planning on remodeling or upgrading your home, now is definitely the time to take a serious look at the possibilities. These tax incentives will go a long way in stretching your budget and will not only pay you back now through tax credits and refunds, but they will continue to pay you back as you save energy in the future!

Ponzi Scheme Warning Signs You Should Look For

In a tough economy, more and more people are falling prey to Ponzi schemes in hopes of making easy money. Most don’t understand that the “easy money” they are going after is indeed a faulty scheme and they are the innocent victim. They fail to see the warning signs of a Ponzi scheme.


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