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The decision to rent or buy a home is very important. Everybody wants to own a home, sometimes it's just not the right time. This article discusses the times when it may not be beneficial to own a home, but also discusses the advantages to owning a home.

I love this picture of a guy jumping on the front of a smart car.

Here are 7 pros and cons of the micro mini or smart car, plus videos showing the Smart car in crashes.

Before you purchase identity theft insurance, there are a few things you should know first. Some financial institutions provide identity theft insurance for FREE. And there are other ways to protect yourself from identity theft without having to pay a thing!

Following are some of the dangers associated with buying used tires -- or even OLD, unused tires that are sold as brand new! Plus, how to make sense of the letters and numbers on your tire's sidewall and determine the true age of your tires.

No matter where you ultimately decide to sell your gold for cash, check here first for today's gold prices. That way, you know how much your gold pieces are REALLY worth. You will also want to have some idea of the overall weight of your gold, as well as how many pieces are 14k or 18k (which is most common in gold jewelry) and how many are 24k (the purest form of gold). The higher the karat, the more your gold is worth.

Is now the best time for refinancing your mortgage? Here's why I chose to go for a home refinance and what I needed to do to lower my mortgage rate.

Is it a good time to refinance your home now? It was for me! But it might not be for you. Here's when to refinance your mortgage + Steps to refinance a home

I bought a 2-10 home warranty - in addition to homeowners insurance. I think a 2-10 home buyers warranty is worth the money -- see how I've used it so far.

See how to use SOME of the equity in your home to supplement your retirement income. How reverse mortgage works and gets repaid + How much home equity you'll retain.

I just bought my very first house, and I've got some helpful tips for first-time homebuyers. Here are the steps to buying a house for the first time, plus some valuable lessons that I learned.