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Healthcare costs are going up. What if you can't afford the deductible or monthly premium? Medical gap insurance (or supplemental health insurance) helps with that!

When it came time to sell my car, these are the tips that I personally used. Hey, it worked for me!

We are buying a new car. I did some research first & I'm sharing the info here, with the hope that it may be helpful to others who are buying a new or used vehicle.


Roommates can make a lot of things easier including paying your monthly house payment! However, roommates aren't for everyone. Here are some things to think about before you find a roommate.

A homeless man and his dog. Check out these alternatives to homelessness. photo by Adrian Miles on Flickr

Many have come close to being homeless, but they found alternatives just in the nick of time. While you may have to give up your house and life as you know it, you don't have to become homeless.

See if you're paying too much for auto insurance and how to make your payments even lower! This quiz will help you lower your auto insurance premiums & save money.

The average life expectancy of most cars is about 8 years and 150,000 miles. Here are the best tips I've found to make your car last longer than most.

If you have consistent, predictable, medical expenses that are already a part of your monthly budget, you can save money by NOT paying tax those medical expenses. By taking advantage of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you get tax-free health care!

All about your debt to credit limit ratio -- what it means, all the ways your FICO score could affect you, and how to improve your debt to credit limit ratio and your FICO score. Plus, how to tell if you've got TOO much debt!