Watch Out… They Are Out To Get Your Tax Rebate Check!

by Andrea

Taxes 101, today's economy

irs-big-refund-check-for-tax-credit.jpg An email in my inbox this morning started with “How will YOU stimulate the economy?” The person then stated that she is going to use her tax rebate check to take a summer vacation.  Then the sender proceeded to try to sell me a vacation package.

I am tempted to unsubscribe to my home business email lists until after the stimulus checks have come and gone.  I get an email or two like this daily.

Never have I been so bombarded with inquiries into my personal business with the exception of when I was visibly pregnant.

Personally, I do not know anyone who feels like this check is going to mean they get to splurge on a non-essential need for their family.  Most people plan to catch up on bills.  Others plan to purchase much needed shoes and clothing for their children who are beginning to look threadbare and orphaned.  Still others are planning to make much-needed repairs on their home.

Nevertheless, marketers are seeing dollar signs, and they are pulling no punches on offering to help the public spend their government stimulus checks.  You can expect to see offers for “30 to 60 day same as cash” sales right before the stimulus checks are distributed.  You can also expect to see sales crop up for vacation packages as your checks arise.  You should not be surprised if sales people actually insist that you spend your stimulus check on their product or service.

I guess what we need to remember during these times of high-pressure sales tactics is that your tax stimulus check is yours to do as you please with it.

If you want to cash it into single dollar bills and use it to warm your home, then that is your business. (Though I would not recommend it.)  If you want to go to McDonalds and purchase $2,000 worth of gift cards to give to the homeless, you are free to do so.  If you want to load up a pre-paid gas card and use it to counter the high price of gas, then that is your prerogative.

I’m just saying… do not feel pressured to use your stimulus check to pad the pocket of another.  It is yours to do whatever you want …or buy whatever you need.