Is The Bad Economy Making You Stingy?

by Andrea

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give-to-charity-get-a-tax-deduction.jpg According to numerous reports, charities are hurting because people are not giving right now.  Church offerings have decreased.  People are holding on to their old clothes longer and not giving them away for charities to sell.   People aren’t giving away old cars, appliances, and furniture. 

Who can blame them? 

With Americans rallying to save more and spend less, it’s no wonder that charities and religious organizations are suffering. 

Still, charities need goods and money in order to help people in the community.  In reality, if the needy do not get the help they need, there is a chance that crime will increase when people become desperate. 

But what can we do?  Especially when we are just treading water ourselves. 

Good Deeds That Won’t Go Unnoticed
For one, during your spring-cleaning, take time to truly de-clutter.  This will help you find items in your home that you can use, and it will also help you uncover items you cannot or will not use that can be given away to charities. 
You could also start a change jar for donations.  Not giving away money and items to charities will actually hurt you at tax time, because you will have less to itemize.  So use a change jar to collect money that you can then give to your church or other local charities and you will feel less pain at donation time and at tax time. 
There’s never been a better time to volunteer your time and talents than today.  Even if you cannot afford to give money and possessions, you may be able to give time and talents.  For example, you could do something like crochet blankets or donate yards of fabric to cover the cold or for charities to sell.  You could cook for people who need meals.  Or, you could simply visit with a person who needs someone to talk to. 
So, even if the economy is making you stingy… this does not mean that you have to be stingy with yourself.