Got High Debts? Is Bankruptcy The Answer? See What Filing For Bankruptcy Will & Won’t Do For You

You may feel compelled to file for bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt. However, the truth about bankruptcy is that it’s not necessarily a fresh start. Instead, it’s an easy way out with some potential future problems over the longterm. Here are some of the issues you are likely to face if you file for bankruptcy.

Parents: Can’t Afford To Send Your Student To College? Here Are 8 Options You May Not Have Thought Of

Paying for college can seem like the most unattainable task ever — but it isn’t. Parents, if you want your child to go to college — and your child wants to go to — it CAN be done. Here are 8 great ways to pay for college including claiming unused federal funds, applying for grants, and other tips you may not have thought about.


Should You Sacrifice Your Retirement Money For Your Child’s College Education?

Retirement money vs college money… As parents, we often put our children’s needs and desires ahead of our own — even if it means putting ourselves at risk. Our children’s education is no exception. We will sacrifice and put aside money for our kids’ college education, even if it means that we are not saving for our own retirement. Many experts advise against this.