How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need? Which Type Is Best?

Life insurance is definitely for those you leave behind. Beyond that, it can also be for your own future as well. Choosing a well-balanced combination of both term and whole life insurance is the best protection you can have for the unknown future ahead.

What If Your Spouse Died Today? Are You Ready?

Of course, no one is ready for their spouse to die. But it may happen unexpectedly one day. And you should do your best to be prepared in the event that it does. Here are the best tips for making sure that you’re able to pay for the funeral, while at the same time keep your head above the water — financially.

Do You Have A Will? Here’s How To Write A Will + FREE Online Will Forms

Knowing how to write a will is a great idea if you have children under the age of 18, have recently gone through a divorce, and for a multitude of other reasons. Making a will when you still have all of your faculties will give you the peace of mind you need. If you need a will, here are some tips for how to write your own will, what it will cost if you pay a professional to write a will for you, and free legal will forms so you can write a living will yourself.

What To Do When A Spouse Dies: How To Get A Handle On Your Finances

When your spouse dies, what in the world are you supposed to do next? How do you keep your head above water — financially — in addition to keeping it all together emotionally? Here are some tips for getting your financial things in order, so things will go more smoothly regarding money and paperwork after the loss of your spouse.

What Happens To Your Mortgage (Or Your Car) If You Die?

If you die, will the bank be willing to do business with your spouse? Will he or she have to move? Will the bank foreclose on your home? These are things you need to consider when purchasing a new home. The fact of the matter is, you should consider purchasing life insurance to protect your mortgage. Here’s why…

Before You Write Your Loved One’s Obituary…

Protect your loved ones – even after their death. It’s true… identity theft even happens to deceased individuals. Here are some important steps to take – including what to say — and not say — in the obituary, how to approach creditors, and who else you should notify of the death.

What Is My Tax Filing Status?

We’ll discuss the different tax filing statuses and the requirements and benefits associated with each status. By knowing all the tax statuses available, you may be able to reduce your tax liability.