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Before you purchase identity theft insurance, there are a few things you should know first. Some financial institutions provide identity theft insurance for FREE. And there are other ways to protect yourself from identity theft without having to pay a thing!

If you're closing a credit card, make sure you follow these steps or your credit rating could be affected. Here's how to cancel a credit card properly.

All about your debt to credit limit ratio -- what it means, all the ways your FICO score could affect you, and how to improve your debt to credit limit ratio and your FICO score. Plus, how to tell if you've got TOO much debt!

Tired of paying high interest rates on your credit cards? Getting a lower credit card rate is not as hard as you might think. You just need to know what to say! Here are lots of great phone scripts that have been proven to get lower credit card rates.

Thinking of closing a credit card that you've recently paid off? Here are some helpful tips before you close a credit card.

Here's how to pay off your bills and boost your credit score at the same time... there is a little-known way to do this. It's called the 'pay for delete' method of paying off debts.

Credit counselors help consumers manage -- and ultimately lower -- their debt. They promise to negotiate with debtors, create payment plans, and lower the interest rates of people in debt. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate your debt. Credit counseling can be good... so good, it's even mandatory in some situations -- like before you can file for bankruptcy.

Some companies look at FACO scores rather than FICO scores, but most use a FICO score. If you're paying for a credit report to learn what your credit score it, make sure you're getting a FICO score! Here's the scoop...

Here's why it's worth it to let your credit score suffer a bit while you dig yourself out from under the weight of too much debt. It's best to worry about your credit score later.