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WARNING: Here’s Why You Should Never Use A Debit Card To Pay At The Pump!

Debit card blocking is where gas stations, rental car agencies, hotels, and others 'put a hold on' a big chunk of your money if you use a debit card to pay for gas, reserve a rental car, hotel room, etc. In effect, they're 'freezing' your account, or billing your account for an amount that's very likely more than you intended to pay for that service. They say it's for their protection...

Little-Known Facts About Secured Credit Cards

If you've been thinking about getting a secured credit card you'll want to know some basic info about getting a secured credit card and how they're different from an unsecured credit card. If you need to improve your credit score which is the best option for you? Wondering if you should cancel your secured credit card? Have no fear... I've got the answers to your questions.