Flexible Spending Account 101: Tax-Free Health Care

If you have consistent, predictable, medical expenses that are already a part of your monthly budget, you can save money by NOT paying tax those medical expenses. By taking advantage of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you get tax-free health care!

7 Ways To Save On Health Insurance

Over the last few years in the health industry, it has become increasingly common for annual increases in premiums. It is still possible to get affordable health coverage, you just have to know what to do and where to look!

How To Get Free Eye Exams

Vision USA provides low-income and uninsured people with basic eye health and vision care for free. InfantSee provides a one-time, comprehensive eye exam for babies for free. Eyecare America provides free eye exams and services for seniors.

What To Do When A Spouse Dies: How To Get A Handle On Your Finances

When your spouse dies, what in the world are you supposed to do next? How do you keep your head above water — financially — in addition to keeping it all together emotionally? Here are some tips for getting your financial things in order, so things will go more smoothly regarding money and paperwork after the loss of your spouse.

10 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Finances This Year

If taking better care of your hard-earned money is one of your New Years resolutions, I’ve listed 10 ways to help accomplish it. Getting a hold of your personal finances will not only help save money, but it will help control debt and plan for the future.

Income The IRS Can’t Tax

There are certain types of income that should not be included on your tax return. In this article we discuss a few of the types of income that are excluded from your tax return and therefore result in tax savings.

Top 5 Tax Deductions That Most People Miss

There are several tax deductions available to us that we have no clue about. Hopefully, by learning some of the common missed tax deductions we are all able to save a little bit more.