8 Things You Can Do To Lower College Expenses

Here are 8 things you can do to lower your college expenses including: applying to free colleges, taking college courses in high school, starting at a community college, starting with online courses, testing out of some classes, living off campus, living with your parents, renting text books.

College Is Expensive: How To Get Your Money’s Worth

After you’ve determined how you’re going to pay for college and then you actually start your college education, it’s time to turn your attention to getting the biggest bang for your buck from the time that you spend there. Here’s how to get your money’s worth from the time you spend in college.

How To Get A College Scholarship

College tuition is increasing every year. In order to pay for a college education for your child, you probably should start savings when they are very young. However, an option to help the burden is college scholarships. There are loads of free money out there to mitigate the cost, its only a matter of finding them. This article gives a few tips to completing that process.

How To Consolidate Your Student Loans

Student loan consolidation can be very cost-effective as long you know what to look for in a lender. This article discusses the benefits of consolidating your student loans and the best way to go about finding a lender.

How A Federal Perkins Loan Works

The federal Perkins loan provides a way for those in financial need to pay for college. This type of student loan has a low flat interest rate and a long grace period.

What You Need To Know Before You Get A Stafford Loan

Stafford federal loans are a great source for student loans. While subsidized Stafford loans are only available based on financial need, unsubsidized loans are available to all eligible students. I’ve outlines the application process as well as current interest rates and loan limits.