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Trying to between a Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA as a means of saving money for retirement? Here's a list of the differences between Roth vs Traditional IRA, plus reasons to choose one over the other.

See how to use SOME of the equity in your home to supplement your retirement income. How reverse mortgage works and gets repaid + How much home equity you'll retain.

Just getting started in the workforce? Don't make a lot of income? Opening a MyRA is a safe & smart way to start a retirement account on your own!

Retirement money vs college money. As parents, we put our children’s needs & desires ahead of our own - putting money toward our kids' college education, even if it means that we're not saving for our own retirement.

Want to become a millionaire? Here's the profile of the typical millionaire. It's a great list of things to strive for, and traits that you can actually achieve yourself.

In this economy, the rules about how to handle your money & funds have changed. It used to be thought that investing in stocks and other types of investments and then sitting on them was the way to go. However, investing your money & funds that way can actually lead to financial disaster.

Confused about simplifying investments? Here's how to simplify your investments if you have multiple accounts.

If you've switched employers since you've begun working, you may need to locate an old pension plan. This is not easy, but the tips given in this article will make the processes much easier.

We examine the projected net worth of American Idol winner, Jordan Sparks, and how this can teach us a lesson in the time value of money and saving for our own retirement.