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Is now the best time for refinancing your mortgage? Here's why I chose to go for a home refinance and what I needed to do to lower my mortgage rate.

Is it a good time to refinance your home now? It was for me! But it might not be for you. Here's when to refinance your mortgage + Steps to refinance a home

I bought a 2-10 home warranty - in addition to homeowners insurance. I think a 2-10 home buyers warranty is worth the money -- see how I've used it so far.

I just bought my very first house, and I've got some helpful tips for first-time homebuyers. Here are the steps to buying a house for the first time, plus some valuable lessons that I learned.


Roommates can make a lot of things easier including paying your monthly house payment! However, roommates aren't for everyone. Here are some things to think about before you find a roommate.

A homeless man and his dog. Check out these alternatives to homelessness. photo by Adrian Miles on Flickr

Many have come close to being homeless, but they found alternatives just in the nick of time. While you may have to give up your house and life as you know it, you don't have to become homeless.

All about your debt to credit limit ratio -- what it means, all the ways your FICO score could affect you, and how to improve your debt to credit limit ratio and your FICO score. Plus, how to tell if you've got TOO much debt!

Closing fees can range from $2,500 to $5,000... or more! Looking for tips on negotiating closing costs? Here's a list of the home closing costs that can be negotiated, and those that can't.

Do you think you can truly afford the home that you're currently living in? According to Suze Orman, chances are you cannot. Here are some of the indicators that you cannot afford your home.

These days, your best financial move is to find your own creative ways to save money on the home mortgage. In effect, cheap mortgages are easier to come by than you might think. You just need to do a few things differently.