First-Time Homebuyers: 13 Steps To Buying A House For The First Time + 7 Valuable Lessons I Learned About Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is challenging, yet rewarding and well worth the effort! I just bought my very first house, and I’ve got some helpful tips for first time homebuyers. Here are the steps to buying a house for the first time, plus some valuable lessons that I learned firsthand.

What Happens To Your Mortgage (Or Your Car) If You Die?

If you die, will the bank be willing to do business with your spouse? Will he or she have to move? Will the bank foreclose on your home? These are things you need to consider when purchasing a new home. The fact of the matter is, you should consider purchasing life insurance to protect your mortgage. Here’s why…

10 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Finances This Year

If taking better care of your hard-earned money is one of your New Years resolutions, I’ve listed 10 ways to help accomplish it. Getting a hold of your personal finances will not only help save money, but it will help control debt and plan for the future.