Should You Bundle Your Utilities Or Not? I Did…

I have finally come to the realization that bundling my utilities would also save me a great deal of money. Since each different utility service is fighting for our bundled services, I feel a bit fairly secure that if I don’t like the way I am treated by one company, I can always move to another.

Do You Really Need A Home Phone?

With the popularity of cell phones and Internet sites that allow you to talk online, it is likely that home phones may go the way of street corner pay phones soon. When it comes right down to it, home phones are really no more necessary than pay phones. Plus, home phones can easily cost a family $100 or more a month!

Is Your Home Phone Bill Out Of Control?

Because we have high-speed DSL through our home phone line, I have been ignoring the high amount we have been paying on our home phone. However, even with DSL, $120 a month is just too much to pay for a home phone when your household already has 4 cell phones. Here’s what I did…

Home Phone Service – Is It Necessary?

Home phone service is one way to cut costs. As cell phones have increasingly become the main method of communication, home phone service has gone out of date. While the reliability of home phone service is greater than that of a cell phone, depending on your situation, a cell phone will usually suffice. In this article I’ve listed the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to keep your home phone service.