Is now the best time for refinancing your mortgage? Here's why I chose to go for a home refinance and what I needed to do to lower my mortgage rate.

When, How, And Why To Refinance Your Mortgage (Plus How Much It Costs, What You Need To Qualify, And How Long It Takes!)

Refinancing my mortgage recently was definitely the right move for me, but it may not be for you! In this article, you will find out: 1) Is it a good time to refinance your home now — see when it makes sense and when it doesn’t. 2) How to refinance your home — details about each of the steps to refinance a home. 3) How much it costs to refinance a home mortgage — and how to lower those costs. 4) What is required to qualify for a home refinance. 5) How long it takes to do a home refinance these days.

Some Legitimate Dog Tax Deductions You Can Actually Take!

These are actual tax deductions, as quoted by people ‘in the know’ who share their advice about tax write-offs, as they relate to dogs. (Including dog foster parents, dog breeders, guard dog owners, Instagram influencers, and more!) Most of us cannot deduct our dogs or any expenses associated with them on our IRS tax returns. But that doesn’t stop people from trying! Lots of funny dog write-off stories here, too.

First-Time Homebuyers: 13 Steps To Buying A House For The First Time + 7 Valuable Lessons I Learned About Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is challenging, yet rewarding and well worth the effort! I just bought my very first house, and I’ve got some helpful tips for first time homebuyers. Here are the steps to buying a house for the first time, plus some valuable lessons that I learned firsthand.

Got High Debts? Is Bankruptcy The Answer? See What Filing For Bankruptcy Will & Won’t Do For You

You may feel compelled to file for bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt. However, the truth about bankruptcy is that it’s not necessarily a fresh start. Instead, it’s an easy way out with some potential future problems over the longterm. Here are some of the issues you are likely to face if you file for bankruptcy.

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