How To Change A Potential Speeding Ticket Into Just A Warning

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At this point, I’d call Jim “an expert” on this topic.

And if you’re looking for someone who’s qualified to dish out advice about dodging speeding tickets, it would be Jim.

police write tickets on the natchez trace

Here is Jim’s advice for getting out of a speeding ticket…


5 Tips For Avoiding Speeding Tickets

Here’s how to increase your odds of getting a “warning” rather than a ticket.

Advice from a guy who’s gotten a lot of warnings for speeding!


TIP #1 – Pull over right away, don’t try to act like you don’t see them.


TIP #2 – Have your license & registration ready — before they even get to your window.


TIP #3 – When they ask if you know why they pulled you over, acknowledge the speed limit in some way — honestly — even if you were going over it.

Actual lines Jim has used:

“I thought it was 65 through here.” (Actual speed limit was 65)

“I know it’s 55 through here, but I’d just passed that car behind me that was going even slower than 55.”

“She [wife in passenger seat] said it’s only 40 through here, but I thought it was 55.” (Actual speed limit was 55)


TIP #4 – Never end with a question.

Jim added this once & it failed miserably:

“Okay, but are you sure you got the right guy? All 3 of us [cars] were keeping the same pace together… Are you sure you didn’t clock the guy in front of me?”


TIP #5 – When the officer clarifies exactly what he pulled you over for and says precisely how fast you were going, don’t dispute it.

Jim’s advice? Simply say:

“…oh, okay. I didn’t realize I was going that fast.”

In Jim’s experience, the cops seem to genuinely appreciate it when you’re honest with them, you don’t try to question their authority, and you’re willing to pay the price.

On the other hand, cops are probably a little more eager to write actual tickets for those who feel they were wronged, cheated, mistakenly pulled over, have an attitude, or all of the above.

The fact remains, whenever Jim has followed TIPS #1 through #5 above, he’s always gotten off with a warning, instead of a speeding ticket.

Try it, you just might save yourself some cash… some points… and some headaches!


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Lynnette’s Bonus Tip #6

If you’re from out of town, or if you just look like you’re not from the area (just passing through, or only a short-term visitor), you may be more likely to get out of a ticket.

I call this “the sympathy factor”.

You know… “they’re probably not familiar with the roads around here” kind of thing.

Two (of the many times) that I’ve been in the car when Jim was pulled over for speeding, we were driving in areas we were unfamiliar with. So we happened to have maps and printed directions spread out all over the front & back seats — along with plenty of other touristy stuff I’m sure.

Both of those times, the cop looked inside our car windows, ran our license, checked our registration, and let us go.

…Now any time I see the flashing lights come on, I always pull out the map and act like we’re exploring new territory!


Jim’s Closing Thoughts…

All in all, I would say that there are no sure ways to get out of a traffic ticket, except slowing down and driving the speed limit.

In my last 200,000 miles of driving I have received 3 speeding tickets, and probably twice that in warnings.

Luck of the draw on the warnings? Probably so.

If a cop is working a speed trap… you’re getting a ticket, there’s simply not much you can do. However, if you just happen to get caught by a passing officer, your chances of getting out of a ticket are a lot higher — if you just use a little politeness and common sense. (I wanted to say honesty, but that would mean telling the officer “Yeah, I know why you pulled me over… I was going way over the speed limit. Sorry about that.”)


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