A Movie About Dr. Linda Peeno: A Whistleblower Against HMOs

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damaged-care-movie-laura-dern.jpg Awhile ago, I had an unpleasant experience regarding HMO’s and dental care.

As part of my dental care plan with an HMO (which was a PRE-PAID service plan), I had paid for over one year of dental care which I was ultimately not permitted to use.

Suffice it to say that I have found another (great) dentist and I no longer utilize the services of an HMO. Still, the bigger problem remains. It goes far beyond my little incident with one specific dentist and one specific HMO.

It’s more about the politics of the health care industry, as a whole. And how "dues-paying" patients are getting the raw end of the deal each and every day.

Questioning The Health Care Industry
Laura Dern played Dr. Linda Peeno in the Lifetime Movie 'Damaged Care'. The REAL issue is the manner in which the healthcare industry manages itself.

Specifically, the major and minor injustices which take place within the health care industry on a daily basis are what continue to bother me.

Which is why I was thrilled when I happened upon a movie called "Damaged Care" on the Lifetime Channel the other day. It was about this exact topic!…

The movie, Damaged Care, is about the unethical business practices of HMOs.

It is based on a true story about Dr. Linda Peeno (played by Laura Dern), a physician and former HMO executive who became the whistleblower in a case against Humana Health Care.

Dr. Linda Peeno was a whistleblower against managed health care.Dr. Linda Peeno’s Story
If you’re interested in this topic, or just interested in the background info behind this movie…



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