Tips From A Burglar: Where To Hide Your Valuables

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Where do you think is the best place to hide money and other valuables inside your house?

Dave, at Personal Finance Advice happened to sit down with a former burglar recently, where he asked that exact question.

So, where is the best place inside your home for hiding valuables?…


According to the former burglar, sometimes it is wise to try & send a would-be thief on a wild goose chase.


Here’s one way to do that:

When it comes to hiding valuables, his suggestion is to mark an envelope in an easily accessible drawer or with files by your computer with “Bank Safe Deposit Box” on the outside and a list of items on the inside. This will tip off the burglar that your most valuable items are stored at the bank and will discourage him from tearing up your house looking for them. — Conversation With A Burglar

Another “decoy” strategy — to prevent a thief from completely destroying the inside of your home while looking for money & other valuables — is to actually leave some money in obvious places for the burglar to quickly find! How much money you leave depends on the area you live in.

Beyond that, the best place to hide money and valuables is…

– drumroll please –

…Inside toys in a young child’s room!

Who knew?!

bglr.gifThat, or in a head of lettuce!

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