10 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Finances This Year

If taking better care of your hard-earned money is one of your New Years resolutions, I’ve listed 10 ways to help accomplish it. Getting a hold of your personal finances will not only help save money, but it will help control debt and plan for the future.

Before You Write Your Loved One’s Obituary…

Protect your loved ones – even after their death. It’s true… identity theft even happens to deceased individuals. Here are some important steps to take – including what to say — and not say — in the obituary, how to approach creditors, and who else you should notify of the death.

Tips From A Burglar: Where To Hide Your Valuables

Dave, at Personal Finance Advice happened to sit down with a former burglar recently, where he asked that exact question. So, where IS the best place inside your home for hiding valuables?… Find out here.