Should You Change Banks?

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ohio-bank-photo-by-click.jpg As I was leaving Kroger’s grocery store today, a young woman tried to hand me a flyer.  As it looked like she was trying to sell me something, I said "No thank you" and walked around her. 

Then something caught my eye.  Just a few feet further was a white board with the words “free checks for life”, “no minimum balance”, and “earn cash back.  I made a u-turn.


I told her I changed my mind and would take the flyer. 

She then informed me that the new bank at Kroger (the Bank of America had recently closed) was offering many free services that used to be free at other banks.  In addition to good banking practices, they had joined forces with the supermarket to offer customers cash back on groceries purchased at that store, as well as at other participating stores. 

I took the flyer and thanked her for her time.
BestBank, the bank in question, is offering quite a few things I do not want to pass up.  The only problem is that I hate the process of signing up for a new account.  However, I had to think whether my current bank offers me any of these things.  It does not.  It is just closer to my home. 

Therefore, the verdict is that I will try this bank.  I am not in a rush to close my existing accounts because this offer is too good to be true.  However, with the offers of free groceries and 10% cash back on my debit card, this could be a good way to stretch my budget.
When I open the account, I think I will deposit at least my grocery and incidental money into the account and see what happens.

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