Frugal Food Tip: How To Save $300 A Month By Brown Bagging It For Lunch

by David

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We all have to eat lunch.

The question is… What do we eat? And where do we eat it?

On average, I spend $8 for lunch if I eat out. If I brown bag it and take my lunch to work, it costs about $1.10. That’s a savings of $6.90 per day.

If I factor in my spouse, we’re actually saving $13.80 per day or approximately $300 per month simply by bringing our lunch rather than eating out!


Let’s look at how to calculate your personalized brown bag savings using an easy online calculation tool.


How To Calculate Your Brown Bag Savings

Eating out is a matter or convenience. No one likes to get up in the morning and spend time working to make a lunch before we even go into work.

An easy way to avoid this is to prepare your lunch the night before.

If $300 per month doesn’t convince you to consider brown bagging your lunch, check out this calculator that shows you how much your real cost difference would be if you were to save the difference in an investment account (earning interest).

Try the Lunch Saver Online Calculator.

Just to give you a quick calculation for my family…

If my spouse and I were to brown bag it for the next 30 years until we retire, the additional money in our pocket is about $767,000.00. Yes, you read correctly – almost 3 quarters of a million dollars!

Now I am a realist, I am not going to take my lunch to work every day for the next 30 years. However, it is important to understand the opportunity cost of the decisions that we make.

Realistically, you can strike a nice balance that is sensible for your specific situation.

If you’re simply not satisfied with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, check out these fun brown bag lunch ideas:

If you have any good ideas of how to save money on your monthly budget, please comment below.