WARNING: Here’s Why You Should Never Use A Debit Card To Pay At The Pump!

Debit card blocking is where gas stations, rental car agencies, hotels, and others ‘put a hold on’ a big chunk of your money if you use a debit card to pay for gas, reserve a rental car, hotel room, etc. In effect, they’re ‘freezing’ your account, or billing your account for an amount that’s very likely more than you intended to pay for that service. They say it’s for their protection…

What’s Your ‘True’ Gas Mileage?

What’s the average mileage for my vehicle? Are other drivers actually getting the mileage that’s posted on the window sticker? How is gas mileage determined anyway? How can I track my gas mileage online for free? Where’s the lowest-priced gas in my neighborhood? What’s a FUN way that I can ‘play along’ and help other drivers by sharing my own experiences? Find answers to these questions… and more!