Actual Proof: Gas Prices Were Rising FAST!

by Lynnette

gas and car costs

Here’s a classic example of just how FAST the price of gas was rising this morning!… (You won’t believe this.)

First, an example of what we saw LAST night… just a few short hours before the Thursday morning rush hour traffic:

2.83 was the highest priced gas we spotted here in Nashville. It was enough to send us into 'shock & awe'... as this was also the first time we'd seen 3.00 on ANY gas station sign!Caution... No gas here! Gas stations seemed to be running out of Regular unleaded gasoline.

Most gas stations were out of Regular Unleaded gas on Wednesday night.

On my way to work, I had enough gas in my car to get me to and from work today, but not much more.

But I quickly noticed that gas prices had literally SKYROCKETED overnight — from a high of $2.83 (see above)… to $2.90… and even $2.95!

What was really strange was the wide discrepancy in prices. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to all the pricing madness.

Sam’s Club To The Rescue
The high priced gas was lowest at Sam's Club in Cool Springs, Tennessee. I decided to play it safe and go out of my way a bit to swing by the Sam’s Club in Cool Springs. I was THRILLED to see that Sam’s was selling gas at a record-low $2.55 a gallon. (That was 40-cents less than some stations!)

I filled up, and immediately called Jim — advising him to drive the Jeep to Sam’s Club right away and fill up.

…but wait, there’s more!

Going UP!
It wasn’t until I got home this evening that I noticed JUST how quickly the gas prices were rising this morning… even at Sam’s Club.

Check this out… look closely:

255_gas_sams_club.jpg 260_gas_sams_club.jpg

At 7:57 a.m. I was pumping gas at $2.55 a gallon, and I was just about full at $29.27.

At 7:58 a.m., after I topped off, my total was $29.90 at which point the pump clicked off and reset itself. Look closely, and you’ll notice that the price of a gallon of gas also jumped 5-cents to $2.60 a gallon.

…that was in the course of one minute, folks!

Then, a couple hours later, Jim called and said it was $2.66 at the same Sam’s Club when he filled up at 10:45 a.m.

What I Learned Today:
This gas thing is out of control! Now people around here are FREAKING OUT after so many gas stations ran out of Regular Unleaded gas today. And a rumor is spreading that there’s a gas shortage and there will be no gas available for the coming days!