There’s A Lesson Here Somewhere…

by Lynnette

traffic tickets

Jim driving -- a frequent activity of his. Just two short months after posting this about Jim’s June 10th speeding ticket in Kentucky (after 200,000+ miles ticket-free!)… then this about Jim getting ANOTHER warning on July 31st here in Tennessee…

He manages to rack up yet ANOTHER speeding ticket this weekend — this one in Indiana!

So, what’s the lesson here?…

  • If you’re skating through life with 200,000 miles+ on your car without a ticket, just don’t TALK about it?
  • After you’ve gotten your first ticket, you’re overly confident that the odds are now in your favor, and you’re more likely to drive faster?
  • Murphy has a way of finding you and making up for lost time?

     Answer: All of the above.

    Yes, Jim puts far more miles on his car than most drivers, but geesh… let’s hope he’s learned that 9 (…MAYBE 10) over the speed limit is enough.

    Not 13!… as was the case this past weekend.

    Did You Know?…
    Forty-two states, including Tennessee, allow drivers a cushion of more than 10 mph above the speed limit before an officer pulls them over.

    –> Here’s some interesting feedback from drivers about driving over the speed limit in Tennessee.

    The Best Way To Slow Down FAST!
    It seems other drivers are chatting about this very topic. Consider these ideas:

    • If you spot a police officer and you’re going a bit too fast, try hitting the “overdrive” button on your gear selector. Your car will switch gears, slowing the car down with out using the brakes. It’s similar to engine braking.
    • The other thing you can do is quickly shut off the cruise control. It’s the same effect as a light tap on the brakes, as the gas pedal is no longer being depressed.

      Speaking Of Police Cars…
      A white Ford vehicle that LOOKS like a police car, but isn't... We spotted this a couple weekends ago in North Carolina… a white Ford vehicle that LOOKS like a police car, but it’s not. (Check out the license plate!)

      This is NOT a cop car, as  evidenced by the personalized license plate which reads 'Not Cop'. …despite fitting the stereotype: white vehicle, Ford vehicle, tinted windows, and German Shepherd riding in the back seat!

      …Now THAT’S a guy with a sense of humor.