Making Ends Meet: Tips For Getting Through A Rough Spot

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how-to-stretch-a-dollar.jpgThe economists say there’s no reason to panic just because the economy seems to be in a downturn. But if you are already in a panic, like many are right now, it can be hard to compose yourself and think rationally.

There some things you can do however to make your life more comfortable for the moment until the rough spot in the economy, or in your life, passes.

1. Carpool: The biggest problem right now is the cost of transportation. As inconvenient as it might be to get a ride downtown with your neighbor, you will both be richer for it. Of course this means you might have to actually talk to your neighbor, but you may find out that you actually like them. Likewise, you can share rides with people you work with who happen to live close to you.

2. Take in a roommate.
New houses are so big these days that you can have an extra person in your home and hardly ever see them. Even in my average sized house I could make room for a relative in need of a temporary home on the second floor. I could also take in a small family in my basement if I had to. If you are really struggling to keep your home right now and have family members or friends who have lost theirs, consider making a sacrifice of sharing your space for a year. This can help get both parties back on track financially.

3. Give up a habit.
Whether you indulgence is Starbucks coffee, cigarettes, or shoes, giving up one such habit could easily pay of one of your credit cards in a years time. In addition to keeping some money in your pocket, giving up a costly habit can also make you healthier, or at least saner.