Too Much Stuff & Knowing When to Let It Go

if you just can’t afford all of your expenses, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let something go — which can mean downsizing your home, moving into an apartment, or giving up a car. The result of letting go is a better relationship between your debts and your income. You’ll find a comfort zone that you can live with — day in and day out.

Will New Finance Curriculum In Schools Heal Georgia’s Financial Woes?

The state of Georgia is facing serious financial problems. Georgia educators plan to fix this by adding financial literacy and financial planning to the state’s high school curriculum. This means they’ll have to remove 20% of social studies lessons to make room for the new finance and economics classes. Is is the right thing to do?

Home Phone Service – Is It Necessary?

Home phone service is one way to cut costs. As cell phones have increasingly become the main method of communication, home phone service has gone out of date. While the reliability of home phone service is greater than that of a cell phone, depending on your situation, a cell phone will usually suffice. In this article I’ve listed the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to keep your home phone service.