How To Save Money On Tires For Your Vehicle: Costco!

by David

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My recent purchase of a used Toyota 4 Runner left me looking for new tires and wheels (rims).

I wanted factory or stock rims as well as truck tires, but did not want to pay top dollar, as buying these new would cost upwards of $2,000. My total cost out the door was $749.

Here’s how I did it …

The first stop on my journey was to Costco. Costco does have good new tires at reasonable prices and they offer free balance and rotation for the life of the tires. Unfortunately, they do not sell rims (wheels).

I went to three additional tire places and after speaking with each of the associates at length, they all had the same advice. If I wanted the best deal I should look into ordering the tires online.

Two different sales associates recommended I check Tire Rack. I did this and found nothing I liked in the price range I was looking for.

Then I clicked on eBay as it popped up in the advertising section of my Google search. I was looking for like-new factory aluminum alloy wheels and either new or like-new truck tires.

When I priced new rims from the manufacturer, I was told that it would run almost $500 per rim/wheel and then, of course, I would have to purchase the tires separately to go on the rim.

I then thought about looking into a re-manufactured factory wheel. Those, I was told, would run about $250 per rim. That would total $1,000 for rims and another $600 for tires, I was still looking at almost $1,600.

Then I decided to try eBay. I found a number of tires and wheels that fit my search parameters, all below 1,000 for both the tire and rim.

I settled on a set of 4 tires and rims that were used but almost new in both wear and look for $549. I did pay a hefty surcharge on the shipping and handling of $200. I was okay with this, based on the tremendous savings I was receiving.

The moral of the story is… next time you need new tires or rims, consider buying a slightly used set and check eBay for some great deals.

I probably would have gone to Costco and just purchased a new set of tires if I were putting them on a $20,000 vehicle. But since I was looking for something for a $5,000 used 4 Runner that I know will be depreciating in value, I needed something more in line with the overall value of the car.

Good luck with your next tire purchase and give eBay a try.