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Should You Change Banks?

Best Bank is a new bank that has partnered with Kroger and other grocery stores. They are currently offering many free services that USED to be free at other banks. In addition to good banking practices, they have joined forces with the supermarket to offer customers cash back on groceries purchased at Kroger, as well as at other participating stores.

A Word Of Advice Before You Ride That Coupon Train…

Coupon trains are when a group of people gets together in an effort to share discount store coupons. The 1st person -- the conductor -- cuts all coupons from the paper and takes what they need. They pass the other unwanted coupons to the 2nd person who takes what they need from the coupons and then adds their unwanted coupons to the pack... and so on. But are coupon trains legal?

Too Much Stuff & Knowing When to Let It Go

if you just can't afford all of your expenses, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let something go -- which can mean downsizing your home, moving into an apartment, or giving up a car. The result of letting go is a better relationship between your debts and your income. You'll find a comfort zone that you can live with -- day in and day out.