How To Get Free Eye Exams

Vision USA provides low-income and uninsured people with basic eye health and vision care for free. InfantSee provides a one-time, comprehensive eye exam for babies for free. Eyecare America provides free eye exams and services for seniors.

Do You Have A Will? Here’s How To Write A Will + FREE Online Will Forms

Knowing how to write a will is a great idea if you have children under the age of 18, have recently gone through a divorce, and for a multitude of other reasons. Making a will when you still have all of your faculties will give you the peace of mind you need. If you need a will, here are some tips for how to write your own will, what it will cost if you pay a professional to write a will for you, and free legal will forms so you can write a living will yourself.

If You’re Living With Your Parents Now, It Will Cost You Later

A large number of Generation Y is still living at home with mom and dad, in an effort to save for the future. While this means these adult kids will have more money in their bank accounts to buy a home and start a family, it also puts a strain on Mom and Dad’s savings. And they still have their OWN future to plan for.