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Here are 8 things you can do to lower your college expenses including: applying to free colleges, taking college courses in high school, starting at a community college, starting with online courses, testing out of some classes, living off campus, living with your parents, renting text books.

These weren't written as personal finance books, but they contain a wealth of information & tips that are unique, motivational, and extremely helpful with personal finance matters.

Experts tell us that the best way to stay out of financial trouble is to live within our means. Right? But there's 'living within your means' and then there's 'living below your means'. Which boat are you in? Here are great tips that will help!

Want to become a millionaire? Here's the profile of the typical millionaire. It's a great list of things to strive for, and traits that you can actually achieve yourself.

Suze Orman's book, Women & Money, is for beginners. If you have not read any of Suze's other books or if you have no knowledge of money management, then this book is definitely for you!

Suze Orman's advice is simple: 'people first, then money, then things.' I have great confidence in her system and it has worked for me. Here's why.