Tax Tips

Alternative Minimum Tax – Not This Year!

After debating for months on how to fix the alternative minimum tax, Congress recently issued a tax reprieve which postpones the use of the alternative minimum tax for one year. As this tax is becoming more and more common among middle-income taxpayers, its important to understand the basics as it will likely be back in future years.

How Buying Business Equipment Can Affect Your Taxes

Most business will make equipment purchases each year. If your business appropriately plans for the purchases, you may be able deduct the full price of the equipment. This article discusses the deduction for equipment purchases and how to plan your purchases in order to decrease your tax bill.

3 Tax Updates Businesses Should Know About

This summer Congress increased the minimum wage. In order to offset the increase in expenses, Congress also allocated money for tax breaks for these businesses. This article lists 3 of the ways to take advantage of these tax breaks.

Do I Have To Pay Quarterly Taxes?

Do I have to pay quarterly tax payments? Many people don’t realize they need to pay quarterly payments until it is too late and you are stuck with a tax penalty.This article discusses who owes quarterly tax payments, how much and when must you pay.

Marriage and Taxes – What You Need To Know

Getting married is a wonderful event. But after the celebrations are over, there are many decisions you will face as a married couple. This article lists a few of the tax decisions newlyweds will face in the beginning.

Types of IRS Audits – What You Need To Know

You never know when or if you will be audited. But the best way to be prepared is to know what to expect and to maintain your tax documentation. This article discusses the 3 types of audits and what to expect in each.

U.S. Savings Bonds

United States Savings bonds are a great way to invest money conservatively and can provide the opportunity to grow interest tax free. These bonds make a great gift for young children to hold on to and potentially use for college expenses.