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Cash For Gold… Is It Worth It To Sell Old Gold Jewelry Through The Mail?

No matter where you ultimately decide to sell your gold for cash, check here first for today's gold prices. That way, you know how much your gold pieces are REALLY worth. You will also want to have some idea of the overall weight of your gold, as well as how many pieces are 14k or 18k (which is most common in gold jewelry) and how many are 24k (the purest form of gold). The higher the karat, the more your gold is worth.

Too Much Stuff & Knowing When to Let It Go

if you just can't afford all of your expenses, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let something go -- which can mean downsizing your home, moving into an apartment, or giving up a car. The result of letting go is a better relationship between your debts and your income. You'll find a comfort zone that you can live with -- day in and day out.