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If you're anything like me, you might not know the cost of raising a child per year. I'm sharing the types of expenses generally required when raising a toddler age 2-4.

Is the cost of raising your family overwhelming? There's a lot of great advice for parents out there. Some of the best tips are summarized here -- including how to feed your kids healthier meals & snacks for less money.

Those who make below a living wage make insufficient income to live locally given the local cost of living. Here's what you can to in terms of budgeting for food, childcare, medical, transportation, housing, and miscellaneous expenses.

As the economy worsens and parents find themselves short on money, more and more families are pulling young children out of daycare in search of other options. Here are some things to consider.

Before you take that job and become a two-income household, rather than a one-income one, read this first.

A Child Tax Credit is available to most taxpayers for each 'qualifying child'. This tax credit is an easy way to save some money on your tax return. Here's what you need to know.