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College Students Money Saving Tips

These college students money saving tips help college students get a handle on their money now, so they don’t go horribly into debt into debt in the future.

The Cost Of Raising A Toddler From Age 2-4

If you’re anything like me, you might not know the cost of raising a child. Following are the types of expenses generally required when raising a toddler age 2-4. Included are average daycare costs, toys for toddlers, medical expenses, food, and clothing costs. I’ve even broken it down so you know the cost of raising a child per year.

Ways That Parents Are Cutting Childcare Costs

As the economy worsens and parents find themselves short on money, more and more families are pulling young children out of daycare in search of other options. Here are some things to consider.

Teen Money: Teaching Teens to Be Thrifty

Since most people start giving their children more financial responsibilities in their teen years, it makes sense to teach them a thing or two about spending wisely, as well. Here are a couple of quick and easy tips that your teen will understand.

If You’re Living With Your Parents Now, It Will Cost You Later

A large number of Generation Y is still living at home with mom and dad, in an effort to save for the future. While this means these adult kids will have more money in their bank accounts to buy a home and start a family, it also puts a strain on Mom and Dad’s savings. And they still have their OWN future to plan for.

Will New Finance Curriculum In Schools Heal Georgia’s Financial Woes?

The state of Georgia is facing serious financial problems. Georgia educators plan to fix this by adding financial literacy and financial planning to the state’s high school curriculum. This means they’ll have to remove 20% of social studies lessons to make room for the new finance and economics classes. Is is the right thing to do?

Should My Child Have A Credit Card?

As a parent, the decision to give your child a credit card is an important one. Children need to understand the value of money before they have access to a line of credit. This article discusses some of the ways to teach children about money to ensure they do not rack up credit card debt in the future.